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The Fox (Stephen Richards) - Webmaster

The person who started Emulators Unlimited over 3 years ago, since has took the site to big things, has brought big and exclusive news to the site such as bleem!, UltraHLE etc and has interviewed many of the famous emulator authors past and present. Emulators Unlimited has attracted well over 10,000,000 vistiors! I hope you like the new design :)

LFace - Assistant Webmaster (aka Chief LazyArse)

LFace joined Emuunlim years ago by sending in a few game reviews. He's now that loveable chap that we cant bare ("bare = seem" hehe - Fox) to lose, and likes to take a pop at bleem! at any opportunity. Has a superb Arcade machine which has been converted to run MAME which is the envy of all the EU staff :)



Been a big fan of emulation since the early, early days. Started off with C64 emulation and tried frantically to play SNES RPG's on his 486 PC using the now defunct (and with hindsight not very good) VSMC emulator. He also worked on the (in)famous Node99 emulation as the "rom link finder". When he's not posting news on the site, he spends time collating the world's Ultimate C64 archive or psychoanalysing people on IRC (only kidding!).


Been into emulation since 1998 when he got Super Mario World & ZSNES from a friend, been hooked ever since. Also runs the Norwegian/Swedish translation group Just4Fun ( http://just4fun.zophar.net/ ). Mainly updating about Windows and DOS emulation news, since he doesn't run Linux, Mac or anything else.


Runs the olympicaly large www.system16.com and got persuaded/bribed to join the news team at emuunlim or they release the pictures...(oops too late - Fox)

Malc Jennings

First got into emulation in 1997 when I discovered you could run Amstrad CPC games on your PC, after downloading most of the collection I found MAME, many hours of downloading on the College ISDN line followed and many more emulators and "roms" came home to my PC. Since 1999 I have been in the emulation community itself by opening and operating ALE (an Amiga site aimed at making emulation easier and more legaly binding), the most recent project is CPC Zone which plans to be one of the biggest CPC emulation resources on the internet over the years to come. After leaving EmuHQ after a series of troubled months I joined EmuUnlim and plan to keep updating both the news section of EU and the content of my own projects for some time to come.


Being lucky enough to remember all the games now emulated the first time around his love of all games knows no bounds. The first arcade game he played was Boot Hill and first computer was a Commodore PET back in the late 70's and was hooked on emulation after his first go on Juno first.


Has a hosted site on emuunlim which is currently closed but will be open when the secret project is ready for release. Updates the site every now and then when not working on his project(s)...


 Leviathan - Site Provider, Technical Leader and Kind Donator

Lev runs ZTNET L.C.C and our hosts at Emulation World, if you've in need of a good host in the emulation or gaming world, i highly recommend joining...also Lev's a great friend and has helped Emuunlim from the very start :) and a sexy guy to boot as im sure you agree hehe :)


Fygee - Messageboard Operator

I live in Las Vegas, I'm 20 years old, I've been into emulation for nearly 5 years now, I'm a huge fan of SNK and Neo-Geo games, I like to watch movies, especially comedies and sci-fi....ummm...anything else you need to know? :)

Hav0k (Kim Visnes) - Hosted Sites Design Manager

Kim Visnes aka. Havok is a 21 year old male from Norway who got into emulation in 1999. Joining Emulators Unlimited two weeks later with his site 'Exposure', which dealt with emulation rumours. It became a big success with many, but hated by most in the scene for his destructive lies and slander towards emulation authors and webmasters alike. Now almost three years later, he is still hated by many and not known by most. But he keeps trying to do good in the scene with his vibrant web design skills and love for the art of gaming and emulation.

:: Last updated on December 17th, 2001