(04 October 2003)


From a personal standpoint, being a website webmaster, it comes along with a main problem that will eventually be our downfall, real life situations taking over.

Many webmasters today are 'young' with full of time to give and sometimes dont realise that one day real life situations such as "marridge", "moving home", "kids", "work" etc will be a big aspect to test our nerves, to determine the best of the best and to see where our websites will eventually end up.

Many websites have felt the pressure of real life taking over personal hobbies, such notables are Emucamp, EmuHQ, Retrogames, Retrobase, Emuviews etc, all ran by great webmasters who used to be cutting edge in their time, but due to changing times, dont have as much time as they would like to dedicate to running their websites. Another aspect is desire, maybe real life incidents etc have changed their perspective on priorities which may make their hobby of running a website suffer.

All is understandable as a fellow webmaster I can see their point, over the years I have had personal problems/changes that have effected my workrate at emuunlim.com, without my fellow newsposters/updaters emuunlim.com would have paid the price of not being updated which we have seen on 'some' of the sites above.

In a way we can critisise the above sites on lack of updates, but people dont realise that these webmasters are not getting any younger and their hobby time is being drained year by year, to an extent that updates are an occasional occurance.

Eventually, we will all end up in the same situation, webmasters and visitors, we cannot ignore real life overwriting our great hobbies, namely emulation for us.

Maybe one day emuunlim.com will cease to exist leaving a webmaster who used to give all of his time to a great hobby, growing old, but with great memories of his past, such as which emulators themselves has done with me today.

Food for thought. Till Next Time......

The Fox.

:: Last updated on October 4th, 2003