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AH Developments

Chop Suey - Atari 800XL

Yet another game from my childhood, I used to play this all day and loved it. Its a 1-on-1 karate game, where you compete in different stages earning different belts. There are a number of different options available which most fighting games must have nowadays, which are a 2 player game, and also a speed option. What differentiates this from most fighters is the inclusion of a deadly predator that falls into the arena occasionally and kills you if you touch it. This predator is a scorpion.

For each stage, the level background changes colour so you know whereabouts you are up to. Also, there is a crowd watching you as you fight through the level, and they arent static either. Every head can move, as if they were all discussing the bouts amongst themselves.

The moves in this game work similarly to the classic International Karate, in that the movement of the joystick produce different moves. For example, moveing Up-Left lunges you forwards with a flying kick, which incidentally is the most powerful move in the game. What is different with this however, is that it is not like most modern fighters where moves are reversed if you change positions. Up-Left is always used for a flying kick. The music to this game is astounding to say the least, even if it is only audible on the title screen.

This game is enjoyable even after all these years have passed, so I say it is well worth a look, and plays perfect under Atari800Win.


PS. This game was originally bought by my brother Gareth, who is a little pissed off at making it sound like the Atari 8 bit games were bought me. They were not, and it was his Atari800XL I played them on. Happy now? :)

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