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[Optimised for 1024x768 TRUE COLOUR]

AH Developments

Bruce Lee - Atari 800 XL

A damn fine game from my past is this. If you dont know what the game is about, then I suggest you go back to your home planet of Mars where you have been living for the past 50 years. You control Bruce Lee, the God of martial arts films, and the not-so-good Green Hornet. The game is about collecting lanterns which allow you to progress further. Out to stop you are 2 opponents: A black ninja, and a funny green bloke that yawns a lot...

If you did not know about the funny dreams Bruce had, then this game might seem a little abstract, but knowing the dreams he did have you can relate to the strange landscapes well.

Along the way, there are numerous hazards to avoid, such as lazers which kill you instantly, and spikes too. The 2 computer controlled opponents dont have great AI as they sometimes dont follow you up a wall, but instead stand there until you are long gone and then start to follow.

What makes this game so good is not so obvious, and I dont really know why I love it. All I know is that I do. It runs perfect under the Atari800Win emulator, so I urge you to try it out.


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