:: Email Wars #3 ::
The Fox interviews Steve Snake (author of Kgen)


 The Fox: Right ! What plans have you got for Kgen?

Steve: 100% Genesis emulation, although there is a lot that can only be done properly with MMX.

The Fox: Do they involve 32X or Mega CD support?

Steve: No. Both of these cannot be emulated at the speed that KGen is currently running. I have written games for both and know a lot about them. Anyone who *thinks* they can write an emulator for the above two systems fast enough to be worth bothering with doesn't know what it involves. A shame, but then I don't want to play games for either of them anyway........ Once KGen is finished I'll be concentrating on other platforms, although I haven't decided what.

The Fox: What do you think of Genecyst?

Steve: Good question! I think it's a pretty good emulator, actually. When I set about writing KGen I didn't know that Genecyst existed - I'd only seen Genem, which although accurate was very slow. I knew I could do better, so I started writing it. Then somebody showed me Genecyst. (the version before 0.20 ?) I was a bit upset at first, but KGen was already running more games more accurately, and of course, I already had plans for the sound. Genecyst 0.20 was already available, but I hadn't seen it. I am happy to admit that if I HAD seen it before writing KGen, I wouldn't have bothered, because it IS a fine emulator. And the author of it seems like a nice guy. But I would have thought he'd call it "Genital" (after Nesticle).

The Fox: What is your favourite Megadrive game?

Steve: I don't know. I like Sonic 2 a lot, and I HATED it when I bought it! But I think Comix Zone is one of the nicest games around. But then there is Contra...... ..Thanks for the chat Steve! All the best of luck with Kgen and whatever follows. Ta!

:: Last updated on December 17th, 2001