:: Email Wars #2 ::
The Fox interviews Neil Corlett (MGE Emulator)



The Fox: How is the v5 looking so far, what is done & what is yet to be done?

Neil: Indiana Jones & TOD: Works in attract mode only. b.Packrat: Works in attract mode. It's possible to start a game, but the controls aren't working yet.c.Road Blasters Works in attract mode only. Line scrolling isn't implemented yet. d.Marble Madness: Somewhat playable, but only for the Practice Race. There are still some bugs to work out.e.Road Runner: Works in attract mode. It's possible to start a game, but after about one screen you get trapped.Indy and Road Runner are suffering from extreme slapstic problems right now. That, and a lack of information about the YM2151 IRQ, are holding things up.

The Fox: Is sound implemented in v5 at all? A.It's not working yet for any of the System 1 games. Q.Is the emulation running fast?

Neil: How fast is "fast"? It's running at more-or-less the same speed as it was before.

The Fox: Which game on the v5 is turning out to be the best supported?

Neil: Hopefully, by the time it's finished, they'll all be supported equally well. Right now, Marble Madness seems to be the best working game.

The Fox: Any other games planned for further versions? (hard drivin', 720 deg? etc)

Neil: I don't have any solid plans after version 0.5. I don't know.

The Fox: Is MGE just atari arcade games related or are you going elsewhere (sega etc..)

Neil: I'm probably going to stick with Atari. My philosophy is not "emulate everything and take no prisoners" - I'd rather make MGE an Atari-themed emulator. Besides, the Atari stuff tends to use similar hardware.

The Fox: Approximately (I know that you must have been asked this 1 million times) when do you plan to release?

Neil: If I knew, I would have put it on my web page. Nuff said.

The Fox: Any exclusive news about the emulator ?

Neil: Look for version 0.46 some time soon, with improved FM sound, perfectly working Gauntlet 2 slapstic, and better stability under Win 95.

:: Last updated on December 17th, 2001