:: Email Wars #18 ::
The Fox interviews Bartman (author of System16 Win) - Sunday 16th August 1998.


(A piccy of Bartman)

Age : 22

Occupation: Student (computer science)

Fox: What is the current state of the System 16 Win Port emulator? and what will be new in the next release?

The current version is 0.79 DirectX. It is in sync with the DOS 0.79. Since then I haven't been coded anything on the emu. The next release will feature the new sound emulation (Shadow Dancer, Moonwalker, Outrun, Space Harrier)

Fox: How long did it take you in full to make the first release of the Windows port?

When I first thought it would take about 2 weeks, it finally took me 5 weeks because of several problems. Read more about it in the history on the S16DX-Homepage http://abyss.moving-people.net/s16w32.html

Fox : What was your main inspiration of starting a Windows port of the System 16 emulator?

When I saw Thierry's search for a coder that ports S16 to DirectX, I responded and was selected to do it among others. I wanted to do it, to show people that you can do cool Windows-Ports and Windows-Emulators, as too many emu-coders
are still using that 20-year-old "operating system" called MS-DOS...

Fox: Other than the system 16 emulator which other emulators do you like, and why?

My favorite emulator is Callus, because it's very fast, very accurate and the games available are very good. Other than that I also like MAME, KGEN and NeoRage (where is the sound?)

Fox: What other sega games would you like seen emulated on the System 16 Emulator?

The more advanced games like Power Drift and Afterburner.

Fox: The dos version of system 16 emulator has stated recently that sound has been supported for Outrun, Space Harrier etc..will this be supported in the next win port?

Yep. See 1 :)

Fox: If you decided ever to emulate another console/computer which one would you choose and most like to see emulated?

I'd like to see a CPS2 Emulator and one for the arcade game Super Twin Eagle 2!

Fox: If you could pay for a perfect emulator what console/computer format would it be for?

hmm...Dunno really, sorry 8-)

Fox: At this moment in time, what are your 5 favourite games? (emu related)

- Bomb Jack (MAME)

- Contra 4 The Hardcops (Genesis)

- Yoshi's Island (SNES)

- Super Mario Allstars (SNES)

- R-Type 2 (Rage)

Fox: If you could shock the emulation world with 5 words what would they be?

Stop using that f*cking MS-DOS!

Fox: If you could improve Emulators Unlimited in any way, what would it be?

Oops... haven't looked at your page that much. But what I would like, is that the real audio content can be played back with Windows Media Player! ;)


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