This is an archive of the site's development, for anyone who gives a damn.

When I first started this site, I used Sausage Software's Hotdog as my HTML editor, due to the fact that it wasn't some stupid-ass p&c editor like the unusable Front Page by Microslop. About half-way through to the point where the site is at the time I'm typing this, I switched to an even better editor, one that smokes Hotdog like a hand-rolled cuban. It's called Homesite, by Allaire. It's way smaller than Hotdog, with more flexibility and automation of repetitive commands. Check it out! And no, this isn't a commercial, I just really like the program. All image manipulation is done using the excellent Paint Shop Pro, by JASC Software. It's the smallest, fastest and most powerful image editor on the market, imo. The game snapshots you see littered about are taken from various emulators, such as MAME (arcade games), PC Atari (Atari VCS), CCS64 (Commodore 64), ADAMem (Coleco ADAM/ColecoVision), Reagle Beagle (Atari 5200 Supersystem), V7800 (Atari 7800 Prosystem), the Intellivision EmuPacks from the Blue Sky Rangers (Mattel Intellivision), O2EM (Magnavox Odyssey2), CINEMU (Cinematronics arcade games), AppleWin (Apple II), among others I'll probably be mentioning later. Most of these can be found from my host site, the excellent Emulators Unlimited.

Sounds that try to distract me while working on the site: ·Anything by Pink Floyd (pre Waters departure) and Roger Waters ·The Tragically Hip -- Fully Completely, Up To Here, Road Apples, Trouble at the Henhouse ·Holly Cole -- Girl Talk, Blame It On My Youth, Don't Smoke In Bed, Dark Dear Heart ·A Clockwork Orange/Music From the Soundtrack ·Tank Girl -- Music From the Motion Picture Soundtrack ·Hole -- Live Through This ·20 Years of Stony Plain -- Disc 2 ·Q107--Toronto ·Y95--London ·102 The Edge--Toronto ·CBC Radio One

Cinematic images that pull my eyes away from the monitor occasionally and refresh my creative juices: ·2001: A Space Odyssey ·Akira ·Aliens ·Beauty and the Beast (Disney) ·Being John Malkovich ·Being There ·The Blues Brothers ·Brazil ·Cheech and Chong's Next Movie ·Citizen Kane ·Clerks ·Clockwork Orange ·Close Encounters of the Third Kind ·Dawn of the Dead ·Dr. Strangelove ·The Dead Zone ·Forrest Gump ·From Russia With Love ·The Fugitive ·Full Metal Jacket ·Ghostbusters ·Ghost in the Shell ·Goldfinger ·Hard Core Logo ·Heavy Metal ·Killer's Kiss ·Ladyhawke ·La Femme Nikita ·The Last Temptation of Christ ·Any Monty Python Movie ·O Lucky Man! ·Paths of Glory ·Pink Floyd: The Wall ·Pinocchio (Disney Animated) ·The Professional ·Pulp Fiction ·Raiders of the Lost Ark ·Raising Arizona ·Reservoir Dogs ·Schindler's List ·Secret of NIMH ·The Shining ·Spartacus ·Star Wars Trilogy (original!) ·Tank Girl ·Taxi Driver ·The Terminator ·True Romance ·Up in Smoke ·Videodrome ·WarGames

Electron images that pull my eyes away from the monitor occasionally: ·Big Life with Daniel Richler ·The Daily Show with Jon Stewart ·The Dennis Miller Show ·Dr. Katz ·Ebert and Roeper & the Movies ·Futurama ·Homicide: Life on the Streets ·The Howard Stern Radio Show ·King of the Hill ·Late Nite with Conan O'Brien ·The Lone Gunmen ·Nova ·The Simpsons ·Star Trek: Voyager ·This Hour Has 22 Minutes ·Undercurrents ·The X-Files

Literary authors who yank me out of reality and who I don't have to worry about their stuff crashing: ·Douglas Adams: The Dirk Gently series - The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series ·Simon Callow: Orson Welles: The Road to Xanadu ·Douglas Coupland: Microserfs ·Alan Dean Foster: With Friends Like These... - ...Who Needs Enemies? ·Neil Gaiman: Good Omens (with Terry Pratchett) - The Sandman series ·John Irving: The Cider House Rules - The Hotel New Hampshire - A Prayer for Owen Meany - The World According to Garp ·Anything by Stephen King, excluding that middle junk like Gerald's Game ·Dean R. Koontz: Lightning ·Terry Pratchett: The entire Discworld series - Good Omens (with Neil Gaiman) ·Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens: Star Trek: Prime Directive ·Peter Straub: Shadowlands - The Talisman (with Stephen King) ·Matt Ruff: Fool on the Hill - Sewer, Gas & Electric ·Michael Marshall Smith: Only Forward - Spares ·Neil Stephenson: The Diamond Age - Snow Crash ·Bruce Sterling: The Hacker Crackdown ·Anything by Kurt Vonnegut, excluding Player Piano

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