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The history of Emulators Unlimited


Emulators Unlimited was started September 5th, 1997 by The Fox (Stephen Richards) to cover emulation news as well as offer original content and interviews.

Since that point Emulators Unlimited has conducted dozens of interviews with some of the most important individuals in and around the emulation 'scene'. And strives to be a top emulation news source as one of the only content driven emulation sites with editorials and articles. We are also a homepage to well over 50 emulators/projects making us the biggest emulation waypoint on the internet.

The staff conducts of well over a dozen individuals who work on reviews, news updating...many whom are the best in the emulation buisness..

Emulators Unlimited now hosts some of the most promising emulators available at the moment in Final Burn Alpha (CPS1/2 emulator), FreezeSMS (Sega Master System Emulator), NeoPocott (NeoGeo Emulator), SNEeSe (Super Nintendo emulator) amongst many others. Emulators Unlimited also hosts respected sites such as Stairway To Hell, Amiga In a Box, The Dot Eaters etc. etc.


September 1996 : Emulators Unlimited was born and was first hosted on Demon Internet, where it stayed for 6 months whilst bringing exclusive news from the emulation scene.

March 1997 : Emulators Unlimited moved to its new home at ZTNET and was the first site to join the emulation empire.

1998 : Emulators Unlimited moved to its new home at http://www.emuunlim.com :))

January 1999 : Emulators Unlimited released the world exclusive of the first ever playable Nintendo 64 emulator UltraHLE which created such media coverage and was downloaded by over 100,000 people in less than a week! Emulators Unlimited was featured in many news magazines and websites including Wired, IGN, and PC Zone magazine. The scene will never be the same.....that was true!

Emulators Unlimited blew the lid of the controversial commerical playstation emulator bleem! which many people didnt believe and slated us from the start. It was to go on to sells thousands of copies and go on to be ported to the Dreamcast as bleemcast!

The Fox was interviewed by PC ZONE, the UK's biggest PC magazine. Who gave us the following three pages. Page One - Page Two - Page Three

September 1999 : Emulators Unlimited hit the 2,000,000 which is such an incredible feat in just under two years...

October 1st 1999 : Emulators Unlimited reopened the site with a new design and new emulation pages which means that its future will go on for many more years :)

December 27th 2000 : Emulators Unlimited got surpassed the 6,000,000 mark!

January 9th 2001 : Rompoint.com opened. Emulators Unlimited's Official Rompage!

17th November 2001 : Emulators Unlimited did the unthinkable for a UK based Emulators site, we hit the 10,000,000 mark!

25th December 2001 : Emulators Unlimited unveiled their new webdesign and new messageboards to the world. Going from .shtml to .php formats.

:: Last updated on December 17th, 2001